Legendary architect Robert Oshatz has been creating eco-friendly residences for nearly 40 years. His elegant, swooping designs seem to know no boundaries, as can be seen in one of his latest creations, the “Fennell Residence” which floats on Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. It all started when a family purchased the vacant river mooring as the location for their dream summer home. Oshatz transformed the industrial dock into a 2,364 square foot ultra-low energy house that truly stands out along the riverbed.

roomporn-fennell-residence-1 roomporn-fennell-residence-2 roomporn-fennell-residence-3 roomporn-fennell-residence-4 roomporn-fennell-residence-5 roomporn-fennell-residence-6 roomporn-fennell-residence-7 roomporn-fennell-residence-8 roomporn-fennell-residence-9

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