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This Cozy Chalet will Become Your Dream Winter Getaway

Chalet Pearl is an elegant ski lodge in Courchevel, a ski resort located in the commune of Saint-Bon-Tarentaise in the French Alps.

The structure looks like something out of a Christmas postcard, with walls made of rough, carved wood, heavy ceiling beams, and a snow-peaked landscape for a background.

roomporn-chalet-1 roomporn-chalet-2 roomporn-chalet-3 roomporn-chalet-4 roomporn-chalet-5 roomporn-chalet-6 roomporn-chalet-7 roomporn-chalet-8 roomporn-chalet-9 roomporn-chalet-10 roomporn-chalet-11 roomporn-chalet-12 roomporn-chalet-13 roomporn-chalet-14 roomporn-chalet-15 roomporn-chalet-16 roomporn-chalet-17

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