The VIPP shelter is a beautiful, portable all glass and steel, 50,000 pounds of superior workmanship and design. 592 square feet of felt-lined modern living. It gives new definition to the word “turnkey”- there are no options whatsoever. According to the designers, VIPP, it’s “a plug and play getaway.”


The price of this shelter, excluding delivery & installation, is $ 585,000. If you’re an interested buyer, expect a 6 month delivery time, and allow 3-5 days for installation.


The Vipp shelter is delivered fully equipped for a total design experience and an easy escape. There is no evident link between a pedal bin, a kitchen and a shelter, but enter the shelter and the philosophy of one long-lasting, functional tool per category is embodied in every item you see.


“The objective was not to make a house or a mobile home. Vipp is rooted in the manufacture of industrial objects, so the term shelter is a typology that allows us to define this hybrid as a spacious, functionally generic, livable object”. – Morten Bo Jensen, chief designer in Vipp.




The Vipp installation process:


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