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When you think about it, we spend about 1/3 of our lives on a mattress. Having a mattress that makes that 1/3 of your life more bearable is essential. Choosing the right mattress online can be very difficult for the majority of individuals. Every person is unique with their own preference in mattress firmness and bounce so finding that exact selection can make a huge impact on your sleep.

Odie, the lovely Cavapoo puppy, enjoying the Helix.

Helix Mattress is the bed that is built for you. They offer a quick and easy quiz that customizes the perfect bed for your body and sleeping preferences. Typically, one may be skeptical to purchase an item like a mattress online because you want to know the feeling of the product. But what makes Helix a “buyer’s remorseless” journey is that they make sure to offer such a variety of options suiting many different types of sleeper preferences. Also, you get a better bang for your buck because they cut out the middle man. Instead of selling to companies, Helix sells its mattresses directly to its consumers so consumers save a hefty amount.

We recently moved into a new loft in Los Angeles and have been looking for the perfect mattress to have for the next + years. Our other addition to our loft was our new Cavapoo puppy, Otis (aka Odie). Welcoming Odie into our home was like welcoming a newborn. We rarely slept the first week because little Odie had not adjusted to his new home and would cry at night to go potty. However, I like to think Helix brought not just comfortability into our apartment but also magic. Ever since we set up the new Helix mattress, we slept throughout the night like a rock. Did Odie finally adjust to his new home or did we find the most magical mattress? We will never know.

We chose Helix because:

  • Great customer service
    • This company had amazing communication and answered all of our questions very promptly. It is so important to find a company with great customer service so you know they will have your back (quite literally too).
  • We like to sleep on a cloud
    • Helix definitely rose as Tempurpedic’s competitor with their memory-foam feel for a low price. You will feel like you are on cloud nine with the foam plushness. The mattress comes in several layers:
    • Helix Dynamic foam – 2 inches of latex-like foam
    • Pocket coils – 2.4 inches of pocket coils
    • Polyfoam – 2 inches of comfort layer foam and 4 inches of base layer foam
      • The ranges and construction will be tweaked to suit your personalization preferences.
  • We have different sleeping preferences
    • Because you are able to customize your mattress, you can also customize parts of the mattress. For each side, you and your partner can personalize the feel, support, temperature, and elasticity.
  • We like to save money
    • Helix is a designer mattress at a low price point. Instead of ordering the mattress from a middle man, you are able to purchase the mattress directly from the factory and cut costs majorly.

Helix mattress surprised us with their quality service, quick delivery, and velvet soft comfortability. We have yet to experience a restless night since receiving the mattress and have found ourselves wanting an excuse to nap more than usual.

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