The Vaughn Side Table by Patrick Cain

“Sectional couches, coffee tables, tv stands…” typically those are the first items that land in a shopping cart as you design the living room. But what could you be missing that could add the most style and comfort to a living space? A side table. Side tables much alike sidekicks are overlooked and not given enough credit.


Patrick Cain Designs grabbed our attention the minute we saw his unique artwork and we knew we had to get our hands on one of his pieces, The Vaughn Side Table. This isn’t just any side table. Patrick created an eco-friendly, chic, handcrafted work of art side table that features hair pin legs and concrete. The concrete is made up of recyclable material and is sealed to resist stains. Patrick uses a special mold to emulate the wood design. 


We loved that Patrick Cain Designs sought out an eco-friendly method that created works of art. Each piece is designed with the environment in mind by using sustainable environmentally-friendly materials. For his wood designs, instead of cutting down trees he uses wood that has already naturally fallen.


Patrick says, “We find inspiration in the places where the natural world and modern technology come together. We find as much inspiration in the grid of an urban sprawl as we do in a tree’s rings.” Also, Patrick has sought out an alternative to using wood. Like our Vaughn side table, many of his pieces are created with concrete and imitate wood. The concrete pieces have all the organic curves that real piece of wood does — because it was modeled from a real slice. Say goodbye to water damage and deep scratches on your wooden side table and—hello saving the environment with concrete! 


Unlike IKEA furniture, his pieces are created to move with you throughout life. His unique modern pieces combine both a rustic and sophisticated appeal. Made locally in Los Angeles by skilled artisans including Patrick himself, we love their attention to detail and rare approach to creating the furniture. Whether you’re interested in a side, dining, or coffee table, Patrick Cain Designs has you covered on sustainable one-of-a-kind art pieces to have for life.


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