Our Living Room Art Piece by Garrett Brown

Masterful wood finish on this unique piece of art

When thinking about all of the key elements of living room design, we have our obvious necessities – our big centerpiece (couch, table, etc.), our rug, our décor, our smaller pieces (throw pillows, chairs, side tables, etc.), and our artwork. Artwork plays such a pivotal role in making a room unique and special. With there being so many items that are mass-produced and sold by the hundreds weekly, it’s nice to have something in your home that you know is exclusive and unique to you. Finding an artist that brings you that exciting feeling of originality with a touch of swank can be difficult, but once they’re found, the real fun begins. 

Artist Garrett Brown works to bring you that exclusivity through his explorative ideas. Brown combines rustic woods and stones with lustrous steels, metals, concrete, and acrylics to create pieces that you, and your space, can be proud of.

Our Garrett Brown piece integrates movement and warmth, creating a spin on the primitiveness of nature. The iciness of the glacier along side the motion of the wave juxtaposes nicely on top of Brown’s beautiful woodwork. Art is a cause for celebration; you want guests to enter your space with curiosity and leave with jealousy. You want them asking about the artist who left them dying to redo one of their rooms to make a spot for one of his or her pieces. 

Artwork brings so much to a space; it brings conversation, discussion, opinion, interest, and soul. Art provides you and your guests transportation to different times, places, and viewpoints. There are too many stresses in our everyday lives- from work to social obligations. We need something to come home to that puts us at ease; something that makes us think of more than what needs to be done tomorrow, by the evening, or even within the next hour. So, kick back with your bottle of wine, or double bottle (we all have those days), and enjoy your fabulous piece of artwork that is all yours and so special to you.

To see more of Garrett Brown’s creative and custom furniture and art, visit his shop’s website, or say hello to them on Instagram.

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